Important changes in Archie and RevMan

Changes in RevMan!

Top 3 changes you will notice:

  1. You can access reviews in RevMan Web, or directly from RevMan 5 (check-out will be removed from Archie). 
  2. RevMan Web will become the gateway to all reviews:
    1. All intervention and flexible reviews will be editable in RevMan Web.
    2. All other reviews (DTA, methodology, overviews) will have a dashboard in RevMan Web showing the full review history.
  3. Functions related to versions (view, revert, compare) will move to the RevMan Web dashboard.


Cochrane’s systems for review production (Archie and RevMan) are evolving as we look towards managing editorial tasks in a new editorial management system (EMS) in 2021.

RevMan Web is now the home of all Cochrane Reviews. Log in to RevMan Web to view the dashboard (all reviews) and edit your review online (intervention or flexible reviews).